Please Sponsor Charity Wanyana, 6 years old


I stays with both parents and their income is very is very little, mother is just a housemother while my father is doing causal jobs which are seasonal. We all rely on my father for everything in the house even our school needs. The life at home is quite terrible because most of the time we go without breakfast and lunch because my father’s job doesn’t pay enough to support our family.

I am old enough to go to school now but I can’t go because my father can’t afford to buy school supplies and pay school fees. So, I’m still at home while other children my age are in school learning. It is so painful that all my classmates are going to school and I am at home taking care of little brother. Sometimes I do shed tears when others come from school and I am at home, I use to ask my parents when I will be in school however I haven’t got any good news pertaining to my going to school up to now.

I want to be a Doctor but the way things are I may not because for now and there is no way my parents can afford to take me to school. Besides becoming a Doctor I like singing, dancing and ballgames.

When I receive letters from people who care, it gives me hope. Please send me an introductory letter to and I will be sure to write back to you. You can write to me as often as you wish and that way we will really develop a relationship.

When you sponsor a child like Charity Wanyana, you not only help this individual child but helping Charity also helps his community. We are building a self-sufficient, eco-friendly Children’s Village. Part of your donation will go towards building schools and houses so that Amos can have a brighter future.

Monthly Sponsorship: $38

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