Children’s Village

Orphans living in our Children’s  Village  located in Western Kenya will find a new way of life.

In 2011 we purchased 17 acres of land in a rural area of Western Kenya. This is the site for our first Children’s Village.

Village Church

Praise and worship service in our new church building.

In September 2012 we opened the doors of a brand new church for the entire community. Previous to our coming here and building a church, there was no church anywhere near by. The people in the community were walking about 14 kilometers to go to church in town. Our pastors and the members of our church go out evangelizing regularly and our church is quickly growing both in numbers and in Christian maturity.

The children at Saturday School Praying

The children at Saturday School Praying

Our church is the headquarters for our Saturday Child Development Program. This is a free program which we offer to the children in the community.  At the program the children are taught about  HIV Prevention, about hygiene, about how to respond to emergency situations; they are taught about the changes of puberty, they are taught lessons from the Bible and how they matter to God, and they are also tutored in English, Kiswahili, and Math. In addition they are given a hot nutritious meal which is often the best meal of the week for these children most of whom come from very destitute backgrounds.

The plan for the Children’s Village is to have three schools; an elementary school, a high school and a technical school. There is a great need for schools in this area. In fact there is no high school anywhere near our Village and the nearest elementary school is a far distance for the children from our community to walk. With this in mind we built a high school which opened its doors in February 2014.


Our fish farm it just one of our agricultural projects.

One of the goals for our Children’s Villages is for each of them to be self- sufficient.  That means that we will have businesses on the land which support the children and the projects for our Village. With this in mind Chosen Children International has already engaged in several agricultural projects as well as animal husbandry projects and a fish farming pond.   We have also build a greenhouse for hot-house tomatoes as one of our agricultural projects.

Our Greenhouse

Growing Tomatoes.

We intend to also use the agricultural projects and animal husbandry as teaching  grounds for the children. We want all of our children to learn how to grow crops and how to raise animals.

When our Village is complete it will have 12 homes for 12 orphans each, a health clinic and pharmacy, a guest house and a swimming pool.

We are currently looking for volunteers who are either married or single, who would like to come and live in our Village either short term or long term. If you would like to bring a team to help us build one of the buildings for our Village or as a medical team, please let us know by sending an e-mail to