Cicilia Wanjala 7 years old

Cicilia wanjala 7 years old

I live with my both parents in a small room here in Seritanyi area. There are three children in my family. I am the first-born yet I haven’t gone to school due my parents earning very little income. They just can’t afford things like school fees and uniforms and books that I need in school.

Even though my parents look for jobs daily within the Village to try to feed us. Most jobs and seasonal are hard to come by. This has made life at home to be very desperate. All of us (kids) share one single blanket to sleep on. We have no mattress.

While my parents are out trying to find a way to put food on our table, I take care of my younger brother and sister. If someone would help me to go to school I would be so glad! I want to be a teacher. I also like singing and cooking.

When I receive letters from people who care, it gives me hope. Please send me an introductory letter to and I will be sure to write back to you. You can write to me as often as you wish and that way we will really

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