Daniel Sikuku 12 years

Please help Daniel

I live with my single Mother and I have 9 brothers and sisters. My Mom gave birth to 5 sets of twins and my twin sister and I are the 3rd set. Only one of my brothers and sisters is attending school. I really want to go to school but my mother has very little income and thus can’t afford things like school fees and uniforms and books that are needed to attend. My Mom looks for work daily to try to feed us but she has no steady work and thus life at home is very desperate. All of us kids share one single blanket to sleep on. We have no mattress.
While my Mom is out trying to find a way to put food on our table I take care of my younger brothers and sisters. If someone would help me to go to school I would be so overjoyed! I want to be a teacher. I like singing and cooking. I also like taking care of children.

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