Orphans In East Africa, Kenya

  • Sponsor a child - Isaac Simiyu
    Isaac Simiyu is 8 years old.
  • Sponsor Vivian Juma
    Vivian Juma 12 years old
  • Please Sponsor Juliet Khaemba
    Juliet Khaemba 11 years old
  • Please Sponsor Job Masika
    Job Masika 5 years old
  • Sponsor a child - James Wafula
    Please Sponsor James Wafula he is 12 years old
  • child-11
  • Sponsor a child - Jacinta Mukhebi
    Please Sponsor Jacinta Mukhebi she is 5 years old
  • Please Sponsor Isabellah Wanyama
    Isabellah Wanyama 9 years old
  • Please Sponsor elvis khaemba
    elvis khaemba
  • child-8
  • child-3
  • Sponsor a child - Emily Mukhebi
    Please Sponsor Emily Mukhebi she is 14 years old.
  • Please sponsor Nabwile Makhan
    Nabwile Makhan
  • Please Sponsor Gabriel Wamalwa
    Gabriel Wamalwa
  • Please Sponsor Brenda Nyongesa
    Brenda Nyongesa 3 years old
  • child-2
  • Please Sponsor Haron Juma
    Haron Juma 9 years old
  • Please Sponsor Douglas Barasa
    Douglas Barasa 3 years old
  • Sponsor a child - Jacinta Wafula
    Jacinta Wafula is 10 years old.
  • Please Sponsor Jack Wanyonyi
    Jack Wanyonyi
  • Sponsor a child - Seth Wanjala
    Please Sponsor Seth Wanjala he is 7 years old
  • Please Sponsor Avonold Wafula
    Avonold Wafula 10 years old
  • please Sponsor Eliud Masika
    Eliud Masika 7 years old
  • Please Sponsor Brian Soita
    Brian Soita 13 years old
  • Please Sponsor Alex Barasa
    Alex Barasa 6 years old
  • Please sponsor Sylvia Masinde
    Sylvia Masinde
  • Please sponsor Martin Nyogesa kakai
    Martin Nyogesa kakai 12 years old
  • Please Sponsor Augustine Wafula
    Augustine Wafula 8 years old
  • Please Sponsor Kevin Wanyama
    Kevin Wanyama
  • Please Sponsor Annastancia Nasambu
    Annastancia Nasambu 6 years old
  • child-4
  • Sponsor a child - Doreen Mukhebi
    Please Sponsor Doreen Mukhebi
  • Sponsor a child - Karen Simiyu
    Please Sponsor Karen Simiyu she is 13 years old
  • Please Sponsor Ezra Wanyama
    Ezra Wanyama
  • Sponsor a child - Yvonne Simiyu
    Please Sponsor Yvonne Simiyu
  • Please Sponsor Bill Maliza
    Bill Maliza 3 years old
  • Please Sponsor Amos Sifuna
    Amos Sifuna
  • Please Sponsor Zainab Wanyonyi
    Zainab Wanyonyi
  • Sponsor a child - Daniel Sikuku
    Daniel Sikuku is 7 years old.
  • Please Sponsor George Masika
    George Masika 12 years old
  • Sponsor a child - Donald Sifuna
    Donald Sifuna is 7 years old.
  • Please Sponsor Faith Barasa
    Faith Barasa
  • Please Sponsor Joyce Wanyama
    Joyce Wanyama
  • Benjamin Wanjala
    Benjamin Wanjala 12 years old
  • child-9
  • Sponsor a child - Wilkyster Mukhebi
    Please Sponsor Wilkyster Mukhebi
  • Please Sponsor Hariet Khaemba
    Hariet Khaemba 9 yease old
  • Please Sponsor Faith Namalwa
    Faith Namalwa
  • Please Sponsor Bridgid Nyongesa
    Bridgid Nyongesa 13 years old
  • Please Sponsor Faith Nekesa
    Faith Nekesa
  • Please Sponsor Evans Simiyu
    Evans Simiyu 10 years old
  • child-10
  • Please Sponsor Elizabeth Wafula
    Elizabeth Wafula 15 year old
  • Sponsor a child - Sheillah Simiyu
    Please Sponsor Sheillah Simiyu is 10 years old
  • Sponsor a child - Davin Nekesa
    Please Sponsor a child - Davin Nekesa
  • Please Sponsor Dan Wafula
    Please Sponsor Dan Wafula
  • Please Sponsor Betty Barasa
    Betty Barasa 5 years old
  • Please sponsor Mary Wanjala
    Mary Wanjala 5 years olds
  • Please Sponsor
    Geoffrey Masika
  • Please Sponsor Ernest Makhokha
    Ernest Makhokha 10 years old
  • Please Sponsor Geofrey Juma
    Geofrey Juma 10 years old
  • Please Sponsor Brian Wekesa
    Brian Wekesa 11 years old
  • Please Sponsor Esther Wanyonyi
    Esther Wanyonyi 9 years old
  • Please Sponsor Milton Soita
    Milton Soita 7 years old
  • Please Sponsor Everlyne Wanyonyi
    Everlyne Wanyonyi 13 years old
  • Please Sponsor Elphis Wafula
    Elphis Wafula
  • Please Sponsor Ian Nyogesa
    Ian Nyogesa 2 years old
  • Please Sponsor Forgin Simiyu
    Forgin Simiyu 9 years old

Over 150 million children are rejected, orphaned, or abandoned due to famine, poverty, and disease. HIV/AIDS has orphaned at least 13 million in Africa and 1 million in Kenya alone.
Chosen Children International is doing what we can but we need your help. By sponsoring a child you are giving that child a chance at a better quality of life that other wise would not be possible. Above are photographs of our children. Please take a few moments to check them out. If one of these beautiful children capture your heart please click on their image and you will be taken to a page that will give you more information about that child and how you can sponsor him or her.

Children's Village

Orphans living in our Children's Village located in Western Kenya will find a new way of life.

In 2011 we purchased 17 acres of land in a rural area of Western Kenya. This is the site for our first Children's Village.

In September 2012 we opened the doors of a brand new church for the entire community. Previous to our coming here and building a church, there was no church anywhere near by. The people in the community were walking about 14 kilometers to go to church in town. Our pastors and the members of our church go out evangelizing regularly and our church is quickly growing both in numbers and in Christian maturity.
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How You Can Help

Learn about sponsoring a child and be a part of our Children’s Village Make a donation or find out about volunteer opportunities for you or your organization. There are so many ways you can be part of changing the life of these children, learn more about helping here, How You Can Help..
Please browse through our website to find out more about what CCI is accomplishing.

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