How You Can Help

You Can Help With Your Finances

1. We need people who will partner with us on a monthly basis by contributing $20.00, $35.00, $50.00, $70.00, $100.00, $200.00 or more a month.
2. We are in need of individuals, organizations or businesses to help fund the buildings of our Children’s Villages.
A $20,000 donation will build one of the children’s homes.  (You can pledge $1666 per month or a one time donation).  We will put your name or the name of your business on our home.  Please tell us what name you would like on the plaque.
3. We also need funds to build the schools and a health clinic.  $15,000 will allow us to build one wing of the clinic.  If you would like to contribute specifically for one classroom or one room of the clinic for example, please let us know what your donation is designated for when you send it in.
4. Sponsor the start-up money for a family to start their own business and become self-sufficient. $200 is all it takes.
5. Sponsor a foster family taking care of orphans for $100.00 a month.
6. “Adopt” a child by sponsoring him or her for $37.00 a month, which pays for the child’s education, food, and clothing.  See the Sponsor A Child page for more information.  When you write, tell us whether you wish to sponsor a boy or a girl.

You Can Help With Your Time:

We need volunteers who have a heart for this ministry and are able to donate their time to help us run this ministry from the United States.  The following are some of the ways we could use help:

1. Help think of ways to promote Chosen Children International.
Tell other people about CCI.
2. Help update this website periodically.
3. Help write and design order forms, newsletters, etc.
4. We need people who can mail out our newsletters.
5. Help write proposals.
6. Speak at an event. Speak at a club.
7. Offer to show the video at your child’s school, to business people, to your friends, at a Scout meeting, etc.
8. Become one of the Directors of our organization.  Become a history maker by effecting the future of our organization.  The possibilities are endless.  Use your creativity!

Volunteers Needed in Kenya

a. If you have carpentry skills we could use your help to build our homes.
b. Counseling and people with drug rehabilitation skills are needed to counsel the children.
c. Teachers can use their skills to teach English, math, computer training, mechanics, carpentry, etc.
d. If you like to teach the Bible and preach here’s your opportunity.
e. Even if you don’t feel you have any particular skills, you can come and give these children what they need most, your love!
f. WARNING: If you come to Kenya you won’t be the same when you leave!